International Introduction

Warmest greetings from Vietnam Buddhist Documentation Center (VBDC)!
We of the Vietnam Buddhist Documentation Center (VBDC) have document search of cooperation, the preservation and restoration of the classical documents in Vietnam.
We have pursued this task motivated by the have conserve ability to be lost heritage Buddhist documents in the future with the support of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and Vietnam Government.
Currently we are in the midst of organizing a document search of heritage Buddhist in Vietnam. We hope make conducting a worldwide conference to investigate the issue of cultural heritage Buddhist, we intend to review the diverse problems linked to the Buddhist document of Heritage Education.
We wold like to cooperation, develop the creation of preserve focuse on the global cooperation between the nations of the world, on the basis of the current document search, build a data system and share digital resources.
We intend holding some projects, workshop, conference… it would depend on the result of the specialize wheter this kind of workshop could be held next year.

Vietnam Buddhist Documentation Center

Vietnam Buddhist Documentation Center works with Tran Nhan Tong Institute

Vietnam Buddhist Documentation Center is honored to welcome Venerable Thich Thanh Quyet Vice Chairman of the Executive Council, Head of the Central Buddhist Education Department of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, President of the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Hanoi